NAK'D loaf

Proudly introducing the first member of our new NAK’D line.

What makes it unique

Bread can be made with just two ingredients: water and flour. Store-bought bread, on the other hand, can be made from more than twenty. NAK’D stands for bread as it is meant to be.

CLEAN, SIMPLE, and HONEST, no preservatives or additives. Just a handful of ingredients that will make a great tasting bread, just as you would make it at home. Minus the hassle.

With a neutral flavour profile, this loaf goes well with ANYTHING. Sweet or savoury will taste delicious on this fluffy artisanal slice, as is or toasted it is just a fantastic everyday bread.

Upgrade your sandwich game, This is a sandwich bread like no other!

Want to know more?

All you need is a litle imagination -leave the rest to Manoucher.  If you would like more information about  Manoucher Turmeric Teekeh with cumin seeds, please contact our sales team.